Here is Linda at the Harry Potter Camp last summer.

About Kids Sew Cool

Linda Brush, a resident for over 40 years, is a retired middle school teacher and fabric store owner.  Linda began Kids Sew Cool in 1995 with two other women in the area and it had grown into a very large program.  

After 20+ years it is time to call it a day.  It has been SEW MUCH FUN!!  She has had over 1000 students over the years.  They come back to visit and several have been assistant teachers.

Why ChooSE

Kids Sew Cool?

  1. Certified Instructor
  2. Use of a sewing machine INCLUDED 
  3. All fabrics, notions and extras INCLUDED 
  4. Snack break included
  5. Maximum 8 students
  6. All camps 4 days
  7. Scholarships available
  8. Fees $125